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  • Candy (Sunday, July 15 18 03:47 am EDT)

    All the love and we'll wishes to all of you ...I adore and cherish your story and of ever I can offer any of you a shoulder a laugh a get away or just a new friend please email

  • Gail Browne (Sunday, July 08 18 12:30 am EDT)

    I recently learned the name of my birth mother, who died in 2002. I also learned that I have 3 half brothers, born after my birth mother married.

    Wondering whether this group is still active.

  • Glenn Craig (Friday, June 22 18 03:53 pm EDT)

    I have located about a half a dozen butter box graves on land next to land that was donated to Saint Cuthbert's Church in Northwest Cove by Lilla Coolen-Young's grandson Paul, and Robie Young. The disputed land lawyer was John Longley. We found one grave clearly marked by a ring of bricks the same dimensions as a butter box. Please help me get in touch with Bette Cahill and any survivors concerned with seeing these innocents given proper memorial instead of being cast off like unwanted waste in a dismal swamp.

  • Gilbert DesBecquets (Wednesday, June 13 18 12:59 pm EDT)

    Note to Roger Sowerby (né Blanchard): I took note of a 'perfect' match for you on Ancestry. I may be able to help. Contact me direct at

  • Kelsey (Wednesday, June 06 18 07:54 pm EDT)

    My grandfather Vincent gaul Jr , a survivor , he passed in 2007 miss him so much 😢 was just wondering abt his background if anyone knows could they email me please

  • MARY (Thursday, May 31 18 08:19 pm EDT)

    if Susan Mederois born 1945 ask her to call me 352 205 1944

  • R MacLean-Hawley (Monday, May 28 18 11:13 am EDT)

    My mum was born at the IMH Sept 01, 1945 and adopted by a couple from NS. After endless research and digging, my sister and I found her birth mother and 6 siblings! She had an incredibly happy childhood (sometimes lonely being an only child) but she now has the best of both worlds with wonderful brothers and sisters who love her (and us!)very much. DNA testing has confirmed her ethnicity and also shed light on her whole birth father’s family (he passed away years ago). Never give up hope or the are worth it and have a right to know who/where you come from!

  • FAITH STEADMAN (Wednesday, May 23 18 07:22 am EDT)

    I am a survivor of this home -born on January 25 1945.I would like to make contact with anyone
    who has the same interest of being connected to others from the 'Ideal Maternity Home'

  • Lea Leask (Thursday, May 17 18 12:31 am EDT)

    I am profoundly moved by the countless families affected by the proprietary industrial greed that generated such an unfathomable historical way of bringing babies into the world...
    Hopeful that the survivors truth(s) prevails the intent...

  • Emma Rutherford (Wednesday, April 18 18 08:55 pm EDT)

    My grandfather is Franklin Thomas Rutherford, he just passed away last year from a heart attack, I loved him, but I'm sad he passed not knowing if his brother was truly gone or still here with us. He had a death certificate, but so did my grandfather.

  • Karen Robertson (Tuesday, January 30 18 02:49 pm EST)

    Excellent website. Heart wrenching stories about this sordid Canadian history. It was gratifying to read about the reunions. We wish you continued success.

  • Neil Friedman (Saturday, January 27 18 09:08 pm EST)

    I was searching for information about Sheldon (Shelly) Levine, originally named Dwayne McKinley Colp and came across someone else whom I thought I knew: Robert Levine, originally named WIlliam Henry Fisher. Robert was from Newark, New Jersey. Shelly was from Hillside, New Jersey (my hometown.) Shelly apparently passed away in 2012.
    Robert is spparently still alive and living in California. I lost touch with him sometime during or after high school. Same with Shelly.
    I live in Albany, California (next to Berkeley.)

  • Cat LaFleur (Saturday, January 27 18 05:21 pm EST)

    looking for possible birth information for baby born in 1944 or 1945 name at Avis Narda Nelson. She said she was born at the home.

  • Neil, South Africa (Wednesday, January 17 18 07:13 am EST)

    Am cousin of Burdie (Wentzel) Corkum, 1896 - 1980, widow od Edward, neighbour of Lila, interested in genealogy and help if I can ...

  • Shelley sharun (Thursday, January 04 18 08:35 pm EST)

    My understanding is there are class action law suits regarding the maturnity home practices of the 50s/60s. Im looking for information regarding the law firms.

  • Wayne Kirk (Thursday, December 28 17 09:39 pm EST)

    Just found out about a brother, who was put up for adaption at the Imh. Robert Cholerton

  • Tara (Saturday, October 28 17 02:20 pm EDT)

    LOOKING FOR : FITZRANDOLPH. I don't know your name or how to contact you but you went through bob hartlen looking for MARGUERITE MORASH (Fleet ). She was the birth mother of baby joanne. Please please contact me

  • Peggy Schmidt (Saturday, October 14 17 09:34 am EDT)

    I just found the movie on YouTube last night. I plan to watch it tonight, if I can tolerate the pain of seeing so many children ripped from their mothers. I lost custody of five children, and still am not in contact with them, even though they are all adults. This is not of my choosing. I plan to seek out the books, as I prefer to know the entire stories. My heart truly goes out to all who were adversely affected there.

  • Carla Clark (Thursday, October 12 17 01:21 am EDT)

    I just watched the movie again this evening. It's painful just to think of how the mothers and babies were treated there. My heart goes out to you all and I hope you find who you're looking for.

  • Tara (Monday, September 18 17 10:57 am EDT)

    Looking for :

    Baby BOY
    Born between 1942-1948

    Birth Mother's name : Marguerite Clara Fleet of Chester NS.
    Born June 28, 1931
    Youngest of 7 children.
    Erminie Fleet ( sister of Marguerite ) worked as a caregiver at IMH.
    ** If you are here or see this post, Marguerite was FORCED to give you up for adoption. She wasn't of adult age and under the care of the Children's Age Society Bridgewater, Lunenburg County at Robert and Ruth Morash's home in Chester NS. We are looking for you for one reason only, that's to cherish and love as part of our family!

  • Andrea Saulnier (Tuesday, August 22 17 09:48 pm EDT)

    Most interesting. Will be looking forward to find and read the book. Poor mothers and babies, my heart goes out to each and everyone.

  • Andrea Maubourquette (Friday, August 18 17 11:11 am EDT)

    How do I contact someone who has posted a search for family here on this site? I believe the poster's mother is my great aunt. And that he was named Joseph after my grandfather (his uncle Joseph). My last name is Maubourquette. Here is Joe's post under the "searching" section: "1942 August 11 MOMBOURQUETTE, Joseph now known as Joe Bellefontaine. Born to May Mombourqette (spelled by birth mother, MAUBOURQUETTE) Birth mother was a 39 year old single teacher, who gave birth at the Grace Maternity, Halifax, N.S. Joe was then placed for adoption and remained at the Ideal Maternity Home for 16 months until adopted. Reunited with his birth mother (now deceased) in 1994. Joe's search continues for birth father and siblings."

  • Evelyn D. Hunck (nee Irving) (Saturday, July 29 17 04:44 pm EDT)

    Very interested and surprised to find my aunt Mabel Janet Irving had had at least one, possibly 3 or more children in this Maternity Home! Very happy to be making contact now with our "new" relatives!And, of course, wondering about the fathers of these children!

  • Susan Medeiros (Monday, July 24 17 07:42 pm EDT)

    I was born in 1945 in Nova Scotia and adopted two months later by a Jewish family in New York City. Your list of missing survivors has the name "Kale". My adopted name is Kole. Could "Kale" be a typo? I am looking to find biological relatives and would appreciate it if someone could check this.

  • Dennis Peters (Friday, June 23 17 05:21 pm EDT)

    I was born June 1/1937 & was adopted illegally. I don't know my birth parents but my mother was unmarried & came from the US so could I have been born at the home?

  • Jennifer Ganser (Saturday, May 06 17 12:08 am EDT)

    I hope that this isn't inappropriate to post here. But, Sandy Schwartz is my uncle and a survivor. I've seen he has commented in the past few months. We have lost touch over the past 15 years or so. I'd like very much to talk with him. I've been working on my own search for my biological family and a family tree. Uncle Sandy, if you come across this message, please write back on here or I will leave my email address for you to write me. It is: Looking forward to hearing from you. Love always, Jen

  • Kevin Edge (Thursday, April 20 17 06:38 am EDT)

    A friend of mine told me a few days ago that he had a brother whom was a survivor, I had to look it up for myself, this is an amazing story. My heart goes out to them.

  • Sasha Colp (Thursday, March 23 17 08:40 pm EDT)

    i am the daughter of Dwayne McKinley Colp...he has a greatgrandaughter who bears his middle name McKinley, if there is anyone out there that can tell me more about our heritage would be so appreciated

  • Megan Williams (Sunday, March 19 17 09:41 pm EDT)

    Just got done reading the book called butterbox babies...Those this happen before I was born my heart goes out to all the survivors and those that didn't survive.i myself am adopted so I know the feeling of wondering what if etc.Just wondering if the building that was in front of the maternity home is still standing would like to go visit sometime.All the best to those that are searching and to those that have found their family's.Im 29 and just learning about this dark history that happen in Nova just waiting on the movie so I can watch it

  • Kris Hartley (Thursday, March 16 17 04:27 pm EDT)

    I'm helping my mom locate her birth family. She was born Elizabeth Ann McGuigan to Margaret "Peggy" McGuigan on March 24, 1946. She's now known as Katherine Ann (Margotta) Hartley. Thanks for any info!

  • Sandy Schwartz (Thursday, February 16 17 04:30 pm EST)

    I have come across a book that in my opinion all searchers should read, "Finding Family, My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA" by Richard Hill. It is a good story, a good read and is true.

  • Mrs Aneka Lewis (Tuesday, February 14 17 03:47 am EST)

    I hope that you are successful in your quest for re-connection with family members. God bless.

  • Sandy Schwartz (Thursday, February 09 17 03:54 pm EST)

    One thing I have learned is that all searchers should have a DNA test performed. If strapped for cash, some allow you only to purchase their ancestry kit for under $100 and even lower during special promotions. Unfortunately, the various DNA labs do not always share information, so it can be hit and miss. I tested at two labs, for example. They are online and the most popular are, (or .ca), and 23andMe also has a lab in Canada, but for some reason much more expensive then in the US.

    If you already know you are Native American, or your DNA comes back that you have Native American ancestry, there is another place to write if you are in Canada or born in Canada. You can apply for Status under Canada's Indian Act. This forces the Canadian Government to search birth and adoption files that are closed to you seeking identifying information to verify your Indian ancestry (called First Nation in Canada). You will need Adoption Form DS-4865. Enclose as much information to help them as you can. Should you discover additional information, send it later as an addendum to your application. You will receive a file number once your application is received.
    Their address is:

    Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
    Office of the Indian Registrar
    Attn: Adoption Unit, Room 18K
    Ottawa ON K1A 0H4 Canada

    I filed in May of 2015 and am still waiting. I called to check and they are very understaffed for the amount of applications they receive, so don't delay.

  • Sandy Schwartz (Thursday, February 09 17 03:12 pm EST)

    It has been eye opening to learn about so many similar stories and places. We as survivors are so very lucky. A DNA match of mine was adopted in Quebec City. Those children who were not adopted were sent to a Catholic orphanage where most were used for various experiments, drugs, etc.
    I thought the movie Philomela would be a good suggestion for both Survivors and guests interested in learning more.
    I am always seeking to learn and just came across this audio documentary airing tomorrow on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) titled "Stolen Childhoods" for anyone interested:

  • Rosemary Neufeld (Tuesday, January 31 17 05:02 pm EST)

    I'm looking for a male born between 1950-1953, born to Mary Dyck/Neufeld at Beany Homes, Queen St., Sasktoon, Sask.

  • joy mittleman delin (Monday, January 09 17 09:38 pm EST)

    my birth name was ina may amero,my date of birth 081846 birth mother ruby jane amero and birth father Richard comeau,they later had 2 sons, searching and hopeful

  • joy delin (Monday, January 09 17 09:22 pm EST)

    very nostalgic website. i'm glad it is available for the butter box babies and all with caring hearts. searching and hopeful

  • Joanne (Wednesday, December 21 16 11:02 pm EST)

    I have a feeling my grandmother gave birth here. Her son wasn't adopted though. Are there any records of patients?

  • Joshua Gavel (Sunday, December 04 16 05:32 am EST)

    Born to a teenaged girl, in the 50's. I have other siblings out there. Margaret Mary GAVEL had a few children and all were removmed from her care, due to her level of fiunctioning and parenting skills. She spent time in Truro at a Girls Detention Center (mid 1950's) and left at 16, pregnant with one of my older sisters. Looking for any siblings out there. Please find me and let's make a family!

  • Murray Terris (Saturday, December 03 16 09:00 pm EST)

    Until you find your family you cannot give up.The feeling
    when you meet your mother
    or brother or sister for the first time as an adult can not put into words.I know I survived IMH .Every I am thankful not only for my survival but all who did.However we should not forget those of us who did not survive.

  • Mystery (Friday, September 30 16 03:11 pm EDT)

    My grandpa. I haven't told him yet but his twin survived but he was told he dies

  • Penny Stith (Wednesday, August 31 16 09:35 am EDT)

    Were any of these babies adopted out in the US, say Washington State or Oregon?

  • VAL SOLLY (Saturday, July 02 16 01:32 pm EDT)

    Having just watched the film Butterbox Babies my thoughts are with all the mothers and children who are trying to find each other.So sad .Good luck to you all

  • janette bulmer (Thursday, June 09 16 08:06 pm EDT)

    I am a survivor of the Ideal Maternity Home. After a long time searching I was lucky enough to be given information about my birth mother and was able to contact her. I spoke to her on the phone only
    to find out that she married my birth father and that I have 2 living brothers. I only spoke to her by phone as they did not want the boys to know about me. However after my father passed away I
    decided to contact my brothers and they called me back and they did ask our mother about me and she told them the whole story - which seemed to relieve a terrible secret that she had carried for 63
    years. I have since lost my birth mother but have two amazing brothers and their families who have welcomed me with open arms and I now have the puzzle completed in my life. For any survivor still
    trying to find out about your birth - don't give up - keep trying - call your member of Parliament or Provincial MLA for their help. Just please do not give up because the answers are there for you.

  • Phyllis Weaver (Saturday, April 16 16 08:07 pm EDT)

    Sister in law to Bonnie Field and so happy she found us

  • Miss sue Taylor (Sunday, March 27 16 10:21 am EDT)

    I feel and understand how the mothers feel, after my baby was taken from me. It's the not knowing the emptiness of the heat and mind. And the worst is empty arms of your child. And not knowing is a
    forever thought in my mind. For the little ones who lost there life's they will forever stay young. But that's no comfort I know. My heart goes out to you all xx xx

  • Isobel Warren (Sunday, March 20 16 09:34 pm EDT)

    I can add nothing to this poignant site except my congratulations to all the survivors and to all the people who make it happen.

  • Jane B. (Sunday, March 20 16 08:16 am EDT)

    I was adopted although not a butterbox baby. I had heard of the babies before because someone asked me if I was one but I was younger. It's awful going through life wondering where you belong and my
    heart aches for all those born into the circumstances. So glad some found resolution. Wishing you all well and continue the search for answers.

  • Alison Strachan (Saturday, March 19 16 11:02 am EDT)

    I am speechless. The lifelong trauma and pain created out of the miracle of birth is overwhelming. I hope the power of social media through "shares" Brian J. Davis on Facebook is helpful. I know I've

  • Kim (Friday, March 18 16 08:29 am EDT)

    Such a sad story , but hopefully the people who are searching for their families find them , wishing them all well.