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  • Carol Barker (Sunday, June 13 21 04:46 am EDT)

    Hi. My heart breaks for what you all have gone through & my thoughts are with you.

  • Natasha (Sunday, June 06 21 11:08 pm EDT)

    I'm so sorry to all those have who have suffered to this horrible family. I'm so happy to hear that many people got to be reunited and the memoriam is very beautiful.

  • Alicia (Thursday, June 03 21 12:06 am EDT)

    Such a beautiful memorial and reunion for these victims

  • Savannah (Sunday, May 23 21 01:11 pm EDT)

    What occurred at this maternity home is horrible, but reading the reunited stories stories has been wonderful. To those still searching, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

  • Myrna Misener (Saturday, April 24 21 12:54 pm EDT)

    Looking forward to finally seeing my adoption papers. My detective heart has never stopped digging for the truth. It’s a small world - I’ve proved! I’ve ‘found’ other siblings.
    My twin and I will be 81, Aug.17, 2021

  • Tracy Day (Thursday, April 22 21 10:23 am EDT)

    Just so heart breaking to see what these two monsters have done to so many families. My heart just aches for them all. I am also from the YouTube channel of Bailey Sarian. I saw where she posted about Butterbox Babies, and it’s just awful what these babies and women endured. God bless them all.

  • Amanda Toone (Thursday, April 08 21 03:51 pm EDT)

    It's hard to believe this is all true, my heart is aching for everything that happened in that house. I'm praying for all the survivors to find answers, and peace to the mothers and babies for all the pain involved here.

  • Zoe (Wednesday, April 07 21 05:52 am EDT)

    I live in Australia, and watch Bailey Sarians channel. I just rewatched the video she made about these two monsters. I'm so glad that they got caught, though their punishment was a joke...Smh 😔 They should've gotten a lot more than they did. I hope that more babies are connected with their parents as the investigation goes on, the sick twisted scumbag toe rags...

  • Alyssa (Monday, March 15 21 09:47 pm EDT)

    I also am coming from Bailey Sarian’s video. I wanted to say my condolences and I hope everyone is able to find their birth families. I am also Canadian and am shocked that I’ve never heard of this story! I also read through every name on this site to see if I recognized anyone’s last names, unfortunately I did not but I will be sharing this website!

  • dinah lance (Saturday, March 06 21 03:22 pm EST)

    I just came from bailey sarian's video on youtube talking about the story.
    For some reason, I just realized the enormity of their crimes from this website. The number of people that suffered from the young's atrocious actions is unbelievable. My condolences to everyone. I don't usually say this, but in this case, the young's EARNED that cancer and I hope they had a slow and painful death.

  • Reyn Sigurgeirsdóttir (Friday, March 05 21 02:17 pm EST)

    I watched Bailey Sarian’s video covering this. When I was watching that video, it suddenly reminded me of Tuam maternity home from one documentary movie about that. IMH pulls more heartstrings than Tuam maternity home because it happened in NS as I am in Newfoundland; it sent me goosebumps to think that actually happened in Atlantic provinces. My heart goes out to the mothers and babies.

  • Laura H. (Thursday, March 04 21 12:42 am EST)

    I am visiting after watching Bailey Sarian's video. Dispute this tragedy, I was happy to see so many reunited with birth families.

  • Marie Cole (Sunday, February 14 21 08:42 pm EST)

    I watched the film Child Remains, and realised it is based on true events. I hope and pray that the survivors find the birth families, and it is shocking that this was still going on in the 70s, just,like the Magdalene Sisters Laundries where the same events occurred.

  • Nada .B (Tuesday, February 09 21 02:46 pm EST)

    RIP to all the victims.

  • Julianne Baker (Monday, February 01 21 08:42 pm EST)

    I also watched Bailey Sarian's youtube video on "The Butterbox Babies" which brought me here. I am both shocked and appalled that people could do something so horrible. Usually Bailey's youtube videos (called Murder, Mystery, & Make-up) don't effect me THIS much, only because it's hard to feel connected to a case you aren't personally involved in and also know of no known survivors, so it can be easy to disconnect a bit. I hope each and every person finds the answers they're looking for and only wish I could help in some impossible way.

  • Diana Nickel (Saturday, January 09 21 07:09 pm EST)

    I just watched Bailey Sarian's video on youtube about the butterbox babies which sent me in search of more information.You have a wonderful organization here.
    Now with access to DNA it is easier to find blood relatives. It's sad and appalling to think about the babies that didn't survive because the Young's couldn't turn a profit by selling them. RIP Sweet Angels.

  • Mackenzie Jones (Monday, January 04 21 11:10 am EST)

    Breaks my heart that little ones and their mothers had to go through this. I hope the baby angels rest easy. I hope more survivors can be found. I just watched The child remains and I can’t help but relate this true story to what had happened to the children of the residential schools.
    The unmarked graves of babies and children is just heartbreaking.
    Rest In peace you little angles you will always be missed by everyone and to the survivors that have not yet found their birth parents, siblings, relatives just remember that you guys are so brave and courageous keep on living a happy life and continue to be brave :) we are here for you with our love and support god bless you all

  • Mercedes Aneechin (Wednesday, December 30 20 11:23 pm EST)

    I just watched “The child remains” and I can’t help but relate this true story to what had happened to the children of the Canadian residential schools. The cruelty all of these children endured was inhumane. The unmarked graves of babies and children is just heartbreaking. I hope this never happens again. Rest in peace little sweethearts!

  • ellie (Wednesday, December 30 20 07:55 am EST)

    i watched Bailey Sarains video on youtube about this and was blown away by the story! how sad for these mothers/famalies and the children. reading the "reunited" stories bought a tear to my eye and asmile to my face. what a wonderful orgaisation you have here, giving futures to families who werent sure they would have one together.....

  • Cecilia Monclova (Saturday, December 26 20 12:10 am EST)

    I also watched Bailey Sarian on YouTube. I am glad that you do this amazing work of reuniting families. I pray for healing and peace for the families involved.

  • Leigh anne (Friday, December 18 20 10:23 am EST)

    I came from a baily Sarian video and this truly breaks my heart.

  • Anne Sofia (Saturday, December 12 20 06:29 pm EST)

    I pray for strength and healing amongst the families that were torn apart and brutally hurt. My heart is heavy learning about this event, and it is absurd that something so horrible would happen. It brings warmth to my heart reading those who have reunited with their families, and to those still looking... I will pray and pray that you will soon one day reunite and heal from the evil of the world. God Bless.

  • Rebecca Tabor (Monday, December 07 20 07:46 pm EST)

    Such a horrific and extremely sad story. May all the babies rest in peace. And I pray that all of the living survivors find peace and closure.

  • Jillian (Wednesday, November 25 20 09:59 pm EST)

    Thank you for all of your hard work in providing answers and closure for those affected. My prayers to all of the people and families that suffered because of such heartless people. Glad that this story is being kept alive with tribute paid to the lives lost.

  • Kim Schwellnus (Thursday, October 22 20 07:18 pm EDT)

    It breaks my heart what these Mother's went through. And the lost Babies leaving the world alone and crying. May all of the Survivors have peace!

  • Amanda Hall (Monday, October 12 20 01:21 pm EDT)

    My name is amanda meike- hall, I too have been in search of family connections for a long time for my three has several severed branches and it doesn't make any sense. Reading the stories of the victims and the survivors has struck several cords. I am glad to hear the owners have died of severe health problems in away because no (man of God and cloth) should have the need to put many children through hell. My children are my everything and I fear for the worst every day for them, I must protect them from the most evil things in the world.. but I know in reality that sometimes that will be unattainable.. you are very strong men and women who went through the shame and horror of this place. My you forever shine a beacon of hope despite the travesties. If something g happened in the dark it will always be brought to the light.

  • Christina (Friday, October 09 20 11:36 pm EDT)

    I can’t imagine the pain these mothers felt losing their babies and not knowing what happened to them. Even more painful is not knowing if their child was one of the buried. I hope all those souls found peace and love.

  • Brittany (Saturday, August 29 20 09:27 pm EDT)

    The entry of a birth mother wrapping 58 individual gifts for each birthday when mother and daughter were reunited brought me to tears. Prayers for healing and love to all survivors and families

  • Sandra M Fox (Thursday, August 27 20 10:26 am EDT)

    Its heartbreaking to know what these young women went through. The poor babies that didn't survive. The ones that did survive, God bless every one of you.❤🙏🙏🙏

  • Corina (Monday, August 24 20 08:10 pm EDT)

    Such a sad story. I hope the survivors get closure

  • Katie Dobyns (Sunday, August 16 20 05:49 am EDT)

    I'm here from a youtube video that explains this. This truly makes me so sad for all of the mothers and all of the familys affected. This website is doing such a tremendously amazing thing trying to reunite. Keep up the good work and good luck in all your searching. Rest in peace to all butterbox babies. May their soul be at peace.

  • Kenly (Wednesday, August 05 20 04:00 am EDT)

    I was watching Bailey Sarian on YouTube talking about this. This is so crazy and sad that someone will have the heart to do such things. I pray all victims will soon reunite with their biological parents.

  • Kcorra (Tuesday, July 28 20 06:46 am EDT)

    My love and thoughts to all the families and children affected xx

  • Tammy Y. (Sunday, July 19 20 09:15 am EDT)

    God Bless the Children for they will show you the way. I am so overjoyed for those who were able to find their real families. I pray for hope that those still searching are able to find their birth parents. What was done was a horrific sin against precious life and this story touches my very soul to the deepest level. Thank God for all the survivors and Bless all who did not make it. May you rest in peace now that the world knows your story and these horrific people can never harm another irreplaceable beautiful creation from God.

  • Elizabeth C (Monday, July 06 20 12:50 am EDT)

    My heart is saddened for everyone that fell victim.

  • Sophie (Sunday, July 05 20 07:14 pm EDT)

    at least some good came out of it by making more laws to protect babies

  • Sylvia Le (Saturday, July 04 20 04:50 pm EDT)

    my prayers are with you

  • Michaela (Saturday, June 27 20 02:45 am EDT)

    Thank you very much for providing this fascinating story and keeping a memorial site. God bless all the children that were products of this facility.

  • Sandra (Tuesday, June 23 20 01:54 pm EDT)

    I heard this story on a video. So sad that women & their babies were treated so horribly. It warms my heart reading about the reunions. May all those who passed Rest In Peace ☮️

  • Cristina (Monday, June 22 20 09:35 pm EDT)

    Thank you all for sharing your stories and I'm so incredibly sorry that this happened to all of you. I'm also an adoptee and although my adoption was much less traumatic, I understand the struggle to find who you are and where you came from. I'm still fighting that fight, and I wish all of those still searching good luck. For those that have found your birth families, I'm so, so proud of you for sticking to it.

    I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope every one of you lives a full and happy life.

  • Laurica (Monday, June 22 20 05:05 am EDT)

    Wow! I am completely blown away by this horrific story. You are truly doing a wonderful thing by bringing people together and helping to reunite families. God bless all of you!

  • Jennifer Arvizu (Sunday, June 21 20 10:57 pm EDT)

    I’ve came from a simple YouTube blogger speaking about the story. I immediately became intrigued. I have spent the past few hours ( 3-4 ) trying to educate myself about this horrific part of history. I have already learned so much. I went on and purchased the book. I can not wait to receive it to further expand my knowledge about butter babies. I feel so happy that their is this website created to try to bring peace to others that may have been part of any of this. May all the babies RIP. I would have loved to hear personal stories from the mothers and what they actually lived daily along those monsters. God Bless to all.

  • Paola Rangel (Friday, June 19 20 02:44 am EDT)

    I just want to say im sorry for what happened
    Im glad there is a source to help find your parents
    Its terrible thing those people did and im glad you survived <3
    Reading through the reunited baby list warmed my heart

  • Jonathan (Wednesday, June 17 20 03:17 pm EDT)

    I want to give a ‘virtual hug’ to all of you who have been subjected to the horror at IMH, and who have experienced immense pain all throughout the healing process.

    The frigid cruelty of the founders of IMH is beyond articulation.

    But the warmth, courage, beauty, love and compassion of all of you who have been hurt by IMH, is a shining light that no amount of evil can ever extinguish. ❤️

  • Ma.Rhodela Delos Reyes (Wednesday, June 17 20 02:16 am EDT)

    May those babies rest in peace

  • Jacinta Sinclair (Sunday, June 14 20 05:20 am EDT)

    May all of these babies rest in peace, and I pray that you are all reunited with your birth families

  • Samantha Eaton (Sunday, May 31 20 03:42 pm EDT)

    I love that you have made an effort in helping these many people find their birth parents.

  • Lily (Sunday, May 24 20 07:39 pm EDT)

    May you all meet again!
    God bless

  • Maxene Dela Cruz (Wednesday, May 20 20 04:24 am EDT)

    I came from a youtube video made by Bailey Sarian and I would to say my condolences to those babies who have lost their lives to these horrible monsters. I feel so frustrated knowing how many people have suffered and will continue to suffer. To those people who survived and was victimized, you guys are so brave and courageous please keep on living a happy life and continue to be brave :)

  • Kenzie (Saturday, May 09 20 11:01 pm EDT)

    I checked out this site after I watched the child remains. It's sad to hear. I wish the best of luck to the survivor.